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29 October 2014: World Stroke Day


Last Wednesday I have attended the World Stroke Day at Salford Royal Hospital that was led by Professor Pippa Tyrrell (Stroke Physician Extraordinaire). 
It was not only an event where you can listen to personalities and researchers to get information about new very interesting outcomes, no, it was not just a mind focused event. It was also a lovely emotionally involving event. In fact, thanks to the Stroke Association and its volunteers and members, we met stroke survivors and their carers, we listened their really moving stories and poems, we cried with them. Then we have been singing and clapping our hands following their musical rhythms while they were performing in a choir. 
I have been really glad of my attendance, also because after assisting to the main presentations on the stage I had the opportunity to meet some people who had survived stroke having a lovely chat with them, then I have been around to listen to researchers who were explaining their research posters which were varying from stem cells, ultrasound therapy and other medical aspects to spelling therapies, new integrated community rehabilitation models and other rehabilitation and caring aspects.
Finally, here I want to share with you the story of Mary Smith and her adorable poem.
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