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Webinar recorded on 14/05/2020 h16.00-18.30

In Gestalt terms, Identity is the result of the integration of the ongoing co-created experience of the process of self. The Personality function of self gives a sense of self-continuity and it allows us to verbalise our story, our autobiography (Philippson, 2009).

During the ageing process our identity is challenged by several aspects, including changes in our physical appearance/abilities, in perceiving our self, alongside the possible occurrence of psychosocial crisis as described by Erickson (1950).

The aim of this webinar is to explore how the above aspects challenge the believed stability of one’s identity, including and starting from our own, and how we may support others to enrich their identity during older age.

All participants are invited to have pictures with them of their childhood and adulthood, and a picture representing themselves in the future.

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