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Webinar recorded on 02/05/2020 h16.00-18.30

We all know about the multi-layered changes we face when ageing, from the organic, physical changes to the psychosocial ones, for instance when adjusting to retirement.

In line with the recent neuroscientific evidence (e.g., Damasio, 1999), Gestalt therapy theorises the self as a process, an ongoing interaction, happening at the contact boundary between oneself and the environment (Perls, Hefferline and Goodman, 1951). Ageing is as much of a process as the emergent self is.

I have been exploring, reflecting and writing on what happens to the process of self whilst we age (my chapter “Gestalt Therapy and Ageing” has been published in
“Psychopathology of the Situation in Gestalt Therapy” edited by Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb and Pietro Andrea Cavaleri).

This webinar aims to present an overview of how the process of self may change in later life, from the Gestalt therapy lens: how we may perceive the changes that ageing brings; how this process may also change the co-creation of our relational experience with others. I will introduce some theoretical ideas and give space for a personal exploration of what this means for you.

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