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Group therapy “Bella Mia”

As I have written on my group therapy page, to experience a group intervention can be more effective than an individual one because the group setting has a number of advantages.

And so, I decided to launch a new group based on a theme that I feel belongs to me and many other women living in our western society. The topic is one that is close to my heart, which is ageing and the acceptance of the changes that go with it.

On this occasion, I want to focus on the aesthetic signs that living our lives leave on us, the wrinkles, the white hair and so on. I would like to provide a space for women to open up, explore and process their experiences with these changes. I would also like to provide support for creatively finding personal ways to adapt to changes in the body and, in doing so, support personal awareness in making choices about how to adapt.

Below is the leaflet on the group therapy. Please, feel free to download it and to contact me for further information!

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