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Group therapy

Group psychotherapy is psychotherapy delivered in a group of 6 to 12 people. Group psychotherapy can potentially be more effective than individual therapy because:

  • allows participants to express themselves in front of others without feeling judged
  • may help develop people’s altruism and compassion
  • may increases feelings of hope by seeing others progress
  • the group facilitates the sharing of experiences and knowledge
  • stimulates awareness and understanding by observing how the past has an impact on the present moment
  • encourages social interactions
  • participants can practice healthy behaviours, responses and attachments
  • the group cohesiveness can increase a sense of safety and trust
  • participants are encouraged to own their own feelings, experience the support from other members, learn from other’s responses, and enrich their awareness on how they interact

I offer a psychotherapy group on anxiety, called “AmicAnsia”, and one on women body changes, called “Bella mia”, which will start in October 2023. Please, see below the leaflet for the forthcoming group and contact me if you would like further information.

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