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Online sessions have been proven to be clinically effective and I now often use remote connection for therapy and supervision. I can safely connect from my office space. It is important that also the person on the other side of the video call is in a private environment in which they can safely speak and express their emotions. My favourite application is Zoom as it conforms to the GDPR/Data Protection Act, it is easy to use and it does not require the creation of an account. I am also happy to use Skype and WhatsApp.

I have always been available for a telephone consultation when it is not possible to communicate by other means. Although online video calls are preferable, telephone consultations can be a way of offering support between sessions when the regularity of the sessions is compromised. I am experienced in telephone psychological support, particularly using the Psychological First Aid methodology which is used in situations of emergency.

Home visits can be considered for interventions such as cognitive rehabilitation and cognitive stimulation therapy. Additionally, I have experience in delivering domiciliary counselling and short-therapy interventions. To receive these interventions is necessary that the person can access a room that would guarantee the privacy of the session.

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