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Psychology assessment

The aim of a psychological assessment is to achieve a deep understanding of what might be causing and /or maintaining any difficulties you have. This understanding of your personal and unique situation will then help you and me decide what kind of treatment (e.g., psycho-education, counselling, psychotherapy) might be most helpful to you. As part of the assessment we will look at what your personal aims are, and what you would like to work on. An assessment could take one to three sessions. You will then complete a therapy agreement document which states the ground rules of the service.

A psychological assessment will often involve asking questions related to the way you think, the way you feel and the things you do in your current life.  For example, questions could be like “how often do you feel that way?” or “in what situations do these feelings arise?”. Also, there could be questions about your past, your personal history and background, your family and close relationships. You can share as much as you feel like, it will be my job to understand your situation based on what you want to share.

As clinical psychologist and psychotherapist I am registered with the Ordine Psicologi Marche (n 3291) and respect the national code of ethics which encompass professional secrecy.

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