Towards a world without dementia: prevention, cure and care. An Australian talk

This morning I had the pleasure to find this interesting video made in occasion of the National Science Week in Australia (16-24 Aug 2014). The personalities involved in the talk discuss various aspects of the dementia and Alzheimer’s disease: prevention, diagnosis and early signs, life style after diagnosis, the importance of the person beyond the label, community, social life, isolation and stigma, some news from latest researches, etc.
The woman you see in the middle of the stage has dementia for 20 years and she is still a brilliant speaker. Her name is Christine Bryden, Dementia advocate and writer. 
Other panellists are: Ita Buttrose AO, OBE – journalist, author and National Ambassador for Alzheimer’s Australia; Scientia Professor Henry Brodaty – Co-director, Centre for Healthy brain Ageing and Dementia Collaborative Research Centre UNSW; Professor Kaarin Anstey – Director, Centre of Research on Ageing, Health and Well-being and Dementia Collaborative Research Centre, ANU; Dr Zoe Terpening, Clinical Neuropsychologist, Brain and Mind Research Institute, Sydney Uni.
The talk has been moderated by Paul Barclay from ABC Radio National.
I found the panel stimulating until the end including the questions from the audience, so I invite you to listen the entire talk.
You can watch the video from youtube (see above) or from the original source that is in the ABC Big Ideas website:

Ps: at the end of the panel Christine mentions a useful website where you can find information about how to make a dementia-friendly environment and it is of course an Australian website:
But, since I live in England, I want to share with you also a British one:

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