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Which came first, the genes or the environment?

Historically, we have believed that our bases are written in our DNA, that we have a genetic predisposition to develop our character, strengths, weaknesses, conditions and diseases, yet we still don’t know in what proportion this genetic predisposition influences our way of being and yet we don’t know how true this is.

The following article brings together scientific evidence that, in my opinion, are a starting point to reconsider theories around genetics.

Some of the article statements are:
“Recently, it was shown that exercise effects 10,000 genes, that insulin effects 7 thousand genes in the cell. Meditation, a conscious mental activity, causes changes in thousands of genes in immune cells. Human action or thought alters genes by expressing certain ones and suppressing others”

“Changing environments dramatically alters genes, almost immediately”

“Changes in genetic expression occur in specially timed sequences in the foetus, childhood, adolescence and adulthood”

There is still no answer to the dilemma “which came first, the genes or the environment?”, but the scientific evidence discussed in this article seem to underline that the environment and the experiences we have interacting with it are very much important. We are dynamic, living beings and our power to change is more hidden to our eyes than limited.

Are you curious enough now? Here is the full article:

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